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  • - B. Shepard
    Thank you for your help, your guidance and your suggestions in directing me to a better quality stairlift. Your efforts and knowledge are much appropriated.Best regards
    - B. Shepard
  • - Blake C.
    I would not use any other company! The caring and extra personal involvement they provide is priceless. Thanks and keep up the good work!
    - Blake C.
  • - Terry D.
    I am so pleased with the lift I ordered from Richmond Stairlifts. This lift is a miracle for me, as I'm not getting any younger. Highly recommend Richmond Stairlift products. I spoke with Gary, what a pleasant man and very helpful. Thank you Gary.
    - Terry D.
  • - Chris J.
    Richmond Stair Lifts is a one of the most professional companies that I have worked with. They deliver the special and individualized service that a person should demand. Gary Gleason at the company is a man of his word and makes sure that each order and service is taken care of in a professional manner. You cannot go wrong with them.
    - Chris J.
  • - Mary E.
    We actually upgraded after talking to the Represenative.  Very glad we did.
    - Mary E.
  • - SemperFi Recon
    I'm a disabled marine vet and needed a stair lift bad due to my injuries. Richmond Stairlifts assisted me along with the VA. Their knowledge and understanding of my needs was a game changer for me. They were professional and the VA covered it all. I highly recommend them. They were very respectful and accommodating. Thanks so very much. You have no idea how much it meant to me to have you assist me the way you did. Howrah!
    - SemperFi Recon
  • - JD
    There was a little confusion on the frontend with the FED EX tracking number, but once that was resolved, the transaction went well. Representative responded when I had questions. Would recommend this seller. Product works well.
    - JD
  • - Paul C.
    I almost bought the stair lift from someone else until I noticed the warranty issues. Richmond Stairlift is the ONLY one that offered a lifetime warranty on the entire stair lift. Make sure you read the fine print on the other companies. They don't really warranty 100% on everything. These guys do....even the computer board and battery. I HIGHLY recommend these guys. Great purchasing experience.
    - Paul C.
  • - John W.
    Arrived way before expected and was exactly what I needed.
    - John W.
  • - Chris S.
    The person that helped us was the best. The lift was easy to install with his direction. We had a mistake and it was taken care of right away. It works great!
    - Chris S.
  • - Quincey
    The stair lift works like a dream and will enable my mom to have access to her full bathroom and her bedroom on 2nd floor of house. Thanks very much; much appreciated.
    - Quincey
  • - CrimeHound
    Great customer service. Highly pleased.
    - CrimeHound
  • - Annie T.
    After reviewing several different lift designs I selected this lift because of the drive technology and no periodic maintenance required. Plus its warrantied 100%. They installed it the next day. I highly recommend them.
    - Annie T.
  • - Sherry K.
    This was a fantastic piece of equipment. The company and their representitive were so profesional and knowledgeable. Now the basement is another room I can use. Its the first time I was able to see the basement in the 6 years since we bought it. Thank you Richmond Stairlifts.
    - Sherry K.
  • - Andy F.
    I called Ricmond Stair Lifts to provide a stairlift for my mothers home. I felt comfortable with their staff. I spoke with Gary who was very informative about the types of stair lifts for sale. Bottom line here is they were quick with the service and installation (only a few days). The technician was very efficient and professional. I highly recommend using this company for all of your stair lift needs. I would do business with again.
    - Andy F.
  • - Mike V.
    I've personally worked with Gary Gleason, Owner, in the stair-lift industry for the past 15 years. His dedication to customer service, making sure the correct lift is designated, and willingness to go the extra mile for his customers are all traits seldom seen in today's marketplace. His determination to please the customer is a constant focus. He only offers high quality lifts - with warranties unmatched in the industry. I would strongly recommend Richmond Stair Lifts for accessibility product needs.
    - Mike V.
  • - John P.
    Awesome service!!  Highly Recommended!!
    - John P.
  • - Steve39
    Smooth transaction, quick & eaqsy, very satisfied AAA+++
    - Steve39

When searching on Google for “Stair Lift Companies Near Me Charlottesville Virginia” it brings you to our page where you can purchase stair lifts, get information about disability grants and other important related information about areas we service.

Charlottesville was the home of two PresidentsThomas Jefferson and James Monroe. During their terms as Governor of Virginia, they lived in Charlottesville, and traveled to and from Richmond, along the 71-mile (114 km) historic Three Notch’d RoadOrange, located 26 miles (42 km) northeast of the city, was the hometown of President James Madison.

Independence Isn’t Restricted By Indoor or Outdoor Stairs

If you’re looking for Stair Lift Companies Near Me Charlottesville Virginia then you’ve come to the right place. Stair lifts are devices that are usually attached to a staircase to enable an individual to transport themselves up and/or down their staircase.  The caveat though is that individuals need to be able to safely position themselves in and out of the stair lift’s seat and remain in an upright sitting position during the entire transition up or down their stairs.  The stair lifts are equipped with seat belts to assist with an individual’s balance and safety, but they will still need to be able to maintain their balance in an upright position.

There are different types of stair lifts.  Straight stair Lifts are specifically designed for use on indoor and outdoor staircases that do not bend or have turns, curves, or interim landings.  Straight stair lift rails can be extended or trimmed to any length to fit your staircase, regardless of the number of steps you have.

In contrast, curved stair lifts are specifically custom manufactured to fit the exact shape and curvature of your staircase. We measure the exact angles of your staircase’s turns, curves, and landings before beginning production of your custom stairlift.  Once your stair lift arrives from the manufacturer we’ll assemble and install it in your Charlottesville home with expert precision ensuring your stair lift fits like a glove on your unique staircase.

Stair lifts are mounted directly into the treads of your stair case and not into the adjacent wall of the staircase.  This is important to note because it allows your stair lift to be compatible with installation regardless whether your staircase is open, has one railing or railings on both sides.

Stair lifts can be modified to fit almost any staircase length.  Additional rail sections or trimming existing rail sections may be necessary to ensure a proper fit with your staircase in some cases but the end result will be a perfectly fit and functional stair lift.

Dependent on the need of the user stair lifts are available in a range of widths.  Most stair lifts only require approximately only 29″ of space, which modern staircases can easily accommodate.  The seats, arm rests, and foot rests fold flat up against the wall to maximize the usable staircase space leaving your staircase to be easily accessed by others not needing the stair lift.  Vertical platform lifts are just what it says; a platform that lifts your wheelchair, chair or scooter up or down your staircase.   Plus, all our stair lifts are covered with a top to bottom 100% Lifetime Warranty.  We are the ONLY company that offers one.


Say Goodbye to Painful Trips Up and Down Your Stairs

Unfortunately, as we age failing knees and hips, aggravated by going up and down stairs can be not just incredibly distressing for a lot of individuals but a dangerous outcome if ignored.  A stair lift completely removes the issue leaving you pain free and leaves a routine of something you inevitably must do multiple times a day into an uneventful and even enjoyable process instead of an excruciating and potentially life threatening one.  A stair lift doesn’t just make your daily life easier, it allows you to have one.


Make No Mistake; Stairs Can Be Dangerous

Your stair case is one if not the most dangerous area of your home.   You or someone can fall while attempting to walk down your staircase resulting in serious physical harm that would substantially hinder you and your loved ones for years.   In a worse case scenario, a fall could easily kill you leaving your spouse and loved ones to carry on prematurely without you.

Stair lifts are not a miracle cure for whatever ails you but they WILL add many years to your own life without cringing each step you attempt when climbing stairs.  They will give you peace of mind knowing you won’t fall down the stairs and they will alleviate the need for someone to carry you up and down the stairs, giving you back your WHOLE Charlottesville home, not just the first floor.  You will be able to love and cherish your family and grandkids for much longer by merely avoiding the potential of falling down your staircase and breaking your hip, your arm or leg, your back or your neck with a fall down the stairs.


“I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up”

How many times have you been alone in your Charlottesville home and wondered what you would do if you fell and couldn’t get up for help?  For the children of parents who are in their older years, their daily worry regarding whether their parent has fallen is a daily anxiety.  You can make life easier for your spouse, your children and your friends knowing that the stairs in your home are no longer an issue they need to be concerned about and that they are much safer than before by the addition of a stair lift to your home.


Stair Lifts Ease Your Pain and Your Loved Ones Worry

Let’s be honest, we tend to worry about people who we care about.  We can’t help it.  It’s what makes us human and having your peace of mind isn’t just an important emotional option; its imperative.  What occurs to you regarding your own body and mind; which includes the anxiety you experience with the loss of your mobility and freedom, isn’t restricted to just yourself.  It affects people you love and who love you, which includes your spouse, your family, your neighbors, your colleagues and your friends.

For men, this is especially difficult to deal with.  Men deal with their pride that they are in control, their strong, they’re independent, the bread winner, they’re the man of the house, etc.  But in truth its wrapped and based in fear and denial.  Let’s face it, coming to grips with our mortality is scary for anyone.

But, your family will appreciate you’ve taken steps to help them help you and just as important the ability to regain some of your independence safely.

Once you get a stair lift properly installed your family and loved ones can stop imagining the worst when you’re home alone.  It allows them the ability to feel more reassured your movements about your home are not just possible but are easily accomplished safely.  It also helps them to feel reassured the need to have you moved to an assisted living facility isn’t needed.

A simple installation of a stair lift will allow you to stay at home while at the same time giving your loved one’s peace of mind.  Your family is now able to enjoy their time with you without the constant unpopular conversation of your safety and wellbeing.

Many older aging patients often believe pain doesn’t have to be a normal process of aging.  But pain can interfere with your social life and impair your day-to-day tasks.  Depending on how much pain their long-term condition puts on them daily depends on how much they withdraw from normal activities.  The American Pain Society states a large number of elderly individuals suffer with varying levels of pain and look for pain relief but unfortunately too many of them neglect to find any pain relief or treatment.

Again, by installing a stair lift in your Charlottesville home you can remain independently mobile while decreasing your pain and suffering.  It also removes the chances and anxiety you’ll aggravate and exacerbate your pain.

Now pain is relative dependent on your medical issues and maybe the pain won’t go away completely.  You may need to contact your physician and discuss if and how you can regain control of your pain and life.  In the meantime, a stair lift will at least give you relief from extra pain each time you walk up your stairs.  Seniors or those who are challenged by mobility who endured a fall related injury often require lifelong care afterward or worse, eliminate living alone all together.

With the installation of a stairlift, you won’t have a debilitating fall.  In addition, by removing the stress and painful act of walking up and down the stairs it may reduce your everyday pain over time.

Please avoid becoming one of the millions of elderly adults who endure moderate to serious pain due to fallen injuries when they lost their equilibrium and needlessly fell.

By allowing us to install a stair lift in your Charlottesville home you can pursue your day-to-day activities with confidence, safety and comfort and stop enduring the unbearable painful trek up and down your stairs.  You deserve better options that once implemented can improve your own life and eliminate the stress and worry it leaves with your loved ones.

Being mindful of your own limitations and your current needs is a responsibility that is of your own.  Call us today and begin your life again free of pain and worry.


Also check out our pages for disabled mobility funding and grants for disabled Virginia residents.


Charlottesville is comprised of several neighborhoods:

Greenbrier Fry Springs Venable Kelly Town-Rugby Heights
Blue Ridge-Rugby Ave North East Martha Jefferson North Downtown
Johnson Village Fifeville Belmont Venable
Jefferson Park Fry Springs Ridge St Johnson Village
Fifeville Blue Ridge-Rugby Ave North East Main-Starr Hill


Charlottesville is comprised of several neighborhoods by zip code:


22901 22902 22903 22904
22905 22906 22907 22908
22909 22910 22911  


Other cities and towns near Charlottesville we provide services to:

Amelia Court House Glen Allen Mollusk Stratford
Ammon Gloucester Montpelier Studley
Ark Goochland Montross Surry
Ashland Gum Spring Morattico Sussex
Aylett Hadensville Moseley Sutherland
Barhamsville Hanover New Kent Tappahannock
Beaumont Haynesville Newtown Thornburg
Beaverdam Henrico Norge Toano
Blackstone Hopewell Nottoway Urbanna
Bruington Hustle Nuttsville Village
Bumpass Jamaica Oilville Virginia State University
Carson Jamestown Oldhams Wakefield
Cartersville Jersey Ordinary Walkerton
Champlain Jetersville Partlow Warsaw
Charles City Kents Store Petersburg Water View
Chester King And Queen Court House Port Royal Waverly
Chesterfield King William Powhatan West Point
Christchurch Ladysmith Prince George White Marsh
Church Road Lancaster Providence Forge Wicomico
Church View Laneview Quinton Williamsburg
Claremont Lanexa Rappahannock Academy Wilsons
Colonial Beach Lightfoot Rawlings Woodford
Colonial Heights Little Plymouth Richmond Woods Cross Roads
Columbia Lively Rockville Yorktown
Corbin Locust Hill Rollins Fork Spotsylvania
Crewe Loretto Ruther Glen Spring Grove
Crozier Louisa Ruthville State Farm
Cumberland Maidens Saint Stephens Church Stevensville
Dendron Manakin Sabot Saluda Stony Creek
Dewitt Mannboro Sandston Merry Point
Dinwiddie Manquin Sandy Hook Midlothian
Disputanta Mascot Sealston Milford
Dogue Mattaponi Shacklefords Millers Tavern
Doswell Mc Kenney Sharps Mineral
Dunnsville Mechanicsville Sparta Fort Lee
Elberon Fork Union Ford Farnham


Other Cities and towns near Charlottesville we service by zip code:

22408 22534 23031 23093 23149 22514 23139 23223 23276 23831
22427 22535 23032 23102 23150 22517 23140 23224 23278 23832
22428 22538 23038 23103 23153 22520 23141 23225 23279 23833
22436 22544 23039 23105 23156 22523 23146 23226 23282 23834
22437 22546 23040 23106 23160 22528 23147 23227 23284 23836
22438 22547 23047 23108 23161 22529 23148 23228 23285 23838
22443 22548 23055 23110 23162 23014 23192 23229 23286 23839
22446 22551 23058 23111 23168 23015 23218 23230 23288 23840
22451 22552 23059 23112 23173 23023 23219 23231 23289 23841
22454 22558 23060 23113 23175 23024 23220 23232 23290 23842
22460 22560 23061 23114 23177 23027 23221 23233 23291 23846
22472 22565 23063 23115 23180 23030 23222 23234 23292 23850
22476 22570 23065 23116 23181 23085 23261 23235 23293 23860
22481 22572 23067 23117 23183 23086 23269 23236 23294 23872
22501 22580 23069 23120 23184 23089 23273 23237 23295 23875
22503 23002 23075 23124 23185 23090 23274 23238 23297 23876
22504 23003 23079 23126 23186 23091 23805 23241 23298 23881
22507 23005 23081 23127 23187 23092 23806 23242 23691 23882
22509 23009 23083 23129 23188 23888 23822 23249 23801 23883
22513 23011 23084 23131 23190 23890 23824 23250 23803 23884
23930 23955 23260 23899 23894 23891 23830 23255 23804 23885

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