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What is a Stair Lift?

A stair lift is a chair that climbs up and down a staircase on a motorized attached rail which is fastened to your steps or the wall. The primary concern is the ability to get up and down stairs safely.  Our top-quality lifts include numerous features which provide maximize comfort and ease of use while still maintaining an attractive appearance in the home.

Whether due to an injury, illness, age or ability, the thought of getting up and down a staircase can become more and more challenging.  Primary concerns being safety and security, but so is being able to enjoy your life, your home and your family.  A stair lift allows a house to be a home, not a hindrance which is why a stair lift isn’t just simply an extravagant convenience; it’s a necessity.


Benefits of a Stair Lift

For those who have difficulty or are completely unable to walk up or down their stairs are able to regain access to their full home again.  Being able to access their second-floor bedroom, garage or basement.  Stair lifts make it possible for you to go anywhere you want to in your home without fear for your safety.  By installing a stair lift in your home, you again have full use of your entire home, whenever you want.  This eliminates the forced confinement to one floor or the dreaded concern of having to move to a senior living facility prematurely out of fear of falling down the stairs or the complete inability to climb them at all.  With a stair lift you can enjoy your home again.  All of it, not just the ground floor!

It Keeps You Safe

Regardless whether you’ve already experienced a fall or worry you or a loved one is a prime candidate at risk of falling on an existing staircase, a stair lift can provide your mind and your knees great comfort.  Your safety should be your top priority.  Falling down a flight of stairs can not only leave you severely injured; it can also leave you paralyzed or dead.  Add with that a fall when you’re alone in your home and you could be suffering in extreme pain for hours.

The stair lift chairs come with a footrest and armrest which allow you safe access in and out of the chair whether you’re going down or up the stairs.  Plus, there’s a seat belt for added security.  In addition, built-in safety sensors stop the chair if an object is in its way.  They can also come with a battery back-up for unexpected power outages.


Gives You Back Your Entire Home

If you’re like most people, living and being independent is of paramount importance to you.  The very idea of needing one of your children or caretakers to carry you up and down your homes stairs is not only impractical, its humiliating.  Let’s face it, they’d have to live with you full time.  Couple that with the alternative of moving to an assisted living facility.  Depending on your income level that could be even worse.  Moving to an assisted living facility may one day be necessary but it shouldn’t be when the only issue or problem is simply getting up and down the stairs safely.  Stair lifts protect your physical body from harm but maybe more importantly, they protect your dignity.  A stair lift is an investment in your safety and your independence, as well as providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


Our Stair Lifts Can Fit Any Stair Case, No Matter the Shape or Size

Are you concerned your particular stair case is so unique it won’t work?  Rest assured, there isn’t a stair case in existence we can’t fit.  Whether your stair case is straight, long, short or curved our stair lifts are custom designed to fit either straight or curved staircases and we can even curve around the bottom of straight stairs if need be.  Each staircase is individually measured, and custom built specifically for your stairs alone.  It makes no difference if your staircase is long or short or the number of steps, we can provide you with a stair lift that will more than meet your need.


Its Designed for Your Home

Sometimes people are concerned the stair lift will “stick out” and look ugly or stupid.  They are pleasantly surprised by how discreet a stair lift actually looks in their home.  Low profile tracks or the ability to send the chair upstairs by remote control when it isn’t in use and recall it back when needed or how the chair folds flat against the wall keeping the stair lift unobtrusive. Meaning your stair lift is practically out of sight from your downstairs living areas.  Also, our stair lifts can be installed on either side of your staircase.  Plus, there is little to no need for redecorating after its installation since the lift itself connects to the stairs and not the wall.


When Are Stair Lifts Needed?

A stair lift isn’t just a smart investment whenever you or a loved one is in danger of falling down your home’s staircase.  Let’s face it, noone wants to admit they need help with something we consider so basic and have done without any assistance for decades but putting yourself at risk by sustaining serious or even life-threatening injuries isn’t just foolish, its selfish if you ignore the warning signs and continue to go up and down the stairs unassisted.  If you fall and seriously injure yourself it can place an enormous unnecessary burden on your family members.

Here are some common signs that it’s time to consider getting a lift installed:

  • Walking up or down your stairs fills you with anxiety because you’re afraid of falling.
  • Your doctor has advised you to avoid stairs due to health concerns.  Strokes, heart conditions, severe arthritis and medications that affect balance or vision are common risk factors.
  • Mobility concerns due to balance, joint pain, and stiffness or leg strength make climbing stairs unsafe.
  • You try to avoid using your stairs, or worse yet, have stopped using part of your home because of the stairs.

The best time to get a lift is before you fall.  Like the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly is applicable.  In fact, it can be a life saver.  Fortunately, there is a lift that’s perfect for your needs and home.


Why Should You Choose to Purchase Your Stair Lift From Us?

The answer is simple. We stand behind our products and services unlike any other company.

  • We are the ONLY company to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on EVERYTHING
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Circuit Board
  • Lifetime Warranty on the motor
  • We provide 24/7 Customer Service 365 days a year
  • Our products use GREASE FREE “Worm Drive Technology”
  • Our products are manufactured and inspected in the United States
  • Our Service Technicians are Factory Trained and Certified
  • We provide FREE consultation and measurements
  • We will match or beat any other dealers price GUARANTEED
  • Financing is also available


Our Warranty Is Second To None

We believe in our products and services.  We stand behind them.  We provide the ONLY 100% Full Warranty on ALL the parts of our stair lifts.  This includes not only the chair and rails but also the motherboard, the battery, literally…EVERYTHING.  No other company provides this level of protection.  So don’t wait another moment.  Call us today at 804-208-0850 for a FREE consultation.